2017 Year End Review – #misec Jackson, January 9th

This is by far the strangest way to give a presentation. Originally, I was going to be there in person, but I had to be in Canada for work during the presentation. So before I left, Kyle and I recorded this. It’s a slightly different style and a completely new way of delivering content. Here’s the original abstract:

Howdy folks! Long time, no see. I’d like to give a recap of what my year looked like in 2017. From wrapping up an old job to figuring out the new one. In this talk, I’d like to share some of the techniques that seemed to work or at least make me feel better across the board on my adventures. Diving head first into speaking engagements, new technologies and finding creative places to keep sharp, I’d like to wrap up 2017 and present to you an exciting 2018 to look forward to.


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