12 April 2016

My Experience with Cybati at DEF CON – #misec Jackson for April 2016

“We have Kate-o giving a talk on her experience trying to win hardware in the DEF CON ICS village. She will be chatting about some of the tools she discovered and how she figured out how to utilize the Cybati framework.”  

16 April 2016

InfoSecs in the City – Starting a Successful CitySec Meetup

From the original post over at irongeek.com: Johnny Xmas, Fletcher Munson, Chris Carlis, Kate Vajda @j0hnnyxm4s @Mr_FMunson @chriscarlis @vajkat BSides Nashville 2016 http://bsidesnash.org Founding members of Chicago’s (in)famous “BurbSec” meet-ups have assembled a POWERHOUSE panel of influential members of the social InfoSec scene from around the midwest! members from Chicago, Milwaukee and all over Michigan…

22 March 2017

My Experience With Wifi Pineapple

I had completed all of my projects at the end of December so, coming back to work I wanted to do something fun until I was bogged down with boring stuff again. My coworker handed me a Pineapple Tetra and said “go have fun.” which is exactly what I wanted to hear. My goal was to connect…

22 April 2017

MiSec Panel Event: Building A Community – #misec Southfield, April 2017

“The InfoSec community is full of awesome people, so we’ve brought together an especially awesome group of folks who have built, participated in, and organized community events/research/conferences to discuss what being a part of this community has made possible for them, how they got their projects started, and what they’ve learned in the process. Thinking…

19 January 2018

2017 Year End Review – #misec Jackson, January 9th

This is by far the strangest way to give a presentation. Originally, I was going to be there in person, but I had to be in Canada for work during the presentation. So before I left, Kyle and I recorded this. It’s a slightly different style and a completely new way of delivering content. Here’s…

22 January 2018

Podcast: How to set up a wifi pineapple?

Tim DeBlock’s Exploring Information Security podcast: http://www.timothydeblock.com/eis/106

22 January 2018

Podcast: Introduction to RTLAMR w/ Doug (Bemasher)

I had the opportunity to host the Professionally Evil podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/introduction-to-rtlamr-with-doug-bemasher/id607209968?i=1000393598051&mt=2

22 January 2018

Podcast: What is Converge and BSides Detroit?

I had another opportunity on Tim DeBlock’s Exploring Information Security podcast, this time to talk about Converge: http://www.timothydeblock.com/eis/122

22 January 2018

How I got into InfoSec

I WAS BORN HERE. Okay, no really, everyone has a different story for how they got into this field, here’s mine. If you don’t want to hear my kid stories, skip on down to Career 😉 Nostalgic I’m going to go way back in time, to when I was roughly 6 years old. My oldest…

25 January 2018

CANAL Interview Process

When I was a manager at the network research lab (CANAL: Central’s Advanced Network Architecture Laboratory), I had the opportunity to be creative and perform interviews in order to hire new students for the lab. This process that we created stole a few ideas from other schools and mostly was just a lot of fun…