CNS 234: Ethical Hacking Course Syllabus

Kate Vajda

CNS234: Ethical Hacking

Course Description: This course will help students gain the knowledge and skills required for an entry level penetration testing job. They will learn basic exploitation and post-exploitation skills as well as how to secure a system from attack.

Prerequisite: Preferred CNS233, Hacker Techniques, not necessary.

Note(s): A minimum grade of C is required in this course to progress.

Credit Hours: 3

Text: Penetration Testing: A hands on introduction to Hacking

Author: Georgia Weidman, ISBN: 978-1-59327-564-8

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

1) Explain various techniques to gain unauthorized access to a system.

2) Use a variety of methods to retain access and discover secrets after accessing a system.

Course Policies:

  • General
    • Please put your cell phones on vibrate or turn them off during class.
    • Quizzes and exams are closed book, closed notes.
  • Labs and Assignments

Homework will consist primarily of supplemental reading needed to accomplish the classroom lab assignments.

Tentative Course Outline:

The weekly coverage might change as it depends on the progress of the class. However, you must keep up with the reading assignments.

Calendar Topic Assignment/Lab
Week 1: January 18th Recap/Overview Lab: Setup VMs
Week 2: January 25th Spoofing/MitM Lab: ARP & DNS
Week 3: February 1st Exploitation Lab: Exploitation
Week 4: February 8th Client-Side Exploitation Lab: Exploitation (part 2)
Week 5: February 15th Bypassing Antivirus Lab: Antivirus
Week 6: February 22nd Privilege Escalation Lab: Priv Escalation
Week 7: March 1st Spring Break No Class
Week 8: March 8th Midterm
Week 9: March 15th Post Exploitation Lab: Info, lateral, pivot
Week 10: March 22nd Web Attacks Lab: Web Attacks
Week 11: March 29th Wireless Lab: Wireless attacks
Week 12: April 5th Exploit Development Lab: Linux Buffer Overflow
Week 13: April 12th Exploit Development Lab: Windows Buffer Overflow
Week 14: April 19th Fuzzing Lab: Fuzzing
Week 15: April 26th Recap
Week 16: May 3rd Final


If we have time, we’ll add phone hacking, social engineering and/or password cracking.


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