Misinformation challenge

Judgement and discernment are two skills individuals should always practice while navigating the Internet. People linking vaccines to autism or claiming the Earth is flat float around the Internet and social media every day. I want to challenge myself and invite others to join me in exercising our discernment muscles and see where this challenge goes.

Here’s the challenge:

  1. Follow at least 5 people you know you disagree with on at least 2 topics.
  2. Unblock all the real people you have blocked or muted.
  3. Write in a journal or something about how you feel about it, this doesn’t have to be public.
  4. Argue one point against yourself, at least mentally.

I think it’s important to hear out the concerns of folks who disagree with me. Even if you know the truth, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and holding conflicting thoughts in your head causes gears to turn. And that’s why this is the challenge.






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